A Quick Writing Tip: the first paragraph

I’m working on an article for a column I’m co-writing with my Social Chicks partners, and it brought back a writing tip I learned in one of my writing courses.

After you finish writing a piece, look back at the beginning and write a new opening paragraph. This is because often when you start writing you don’t know what form or angle the piece is going to take. After you have written it, you have a better idea of how to summarize it and usually your original first paragraph ends up being more appropriate as your second paragraph, and you can re-write the first one to more accurately sum up the ideas to follow.

I have found this to be true in nearly every writing project I have ever written. It’s also a great way to let go of writer’s block when staring at that first blank page (screen) and just dive in, start writing, and give yourself the permission to go back and properly introduce your topic later.

It’s a great way to hash out your ideas before you commit to the first paragraph.

Have you ever found this to be the case in your writing? How do you avoid writer’s block?

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