Bean Around Books


Is there anything better than a coffee shop/book store? I don’t even drink coffee, but there is something so wonderful about a hot drink (my pick is always green tea,) and a good book.

This adorable place near my house is in Maple Ridge, but I have yet to visit. Since moving here last fall I have found all kinds of great little businesses and establishments. But until now, I hadn’t found a cute little place like this. (And I love the name!)


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2 responses to “Bean Around Books

  1. Hi Dan, how nice to hear from you! I will definitely stop by, can’t wait to check it out! Glad to hear you cater to us tea-drinkers. 😉

  2. Dan

    Hi Rebecca,
    Dan from Bean Around Books here.
    Thanks for noticing us. Not a coffee drinker…you’ll love us then because we are more a loose leaf tea / book shop. We have more than 25 different varieties and growing.
    I would you to invite over for a cup of tea on us to experience our shop first hand. Our posted hours are 11-7pm mon to sun. (although I am there most evenings until at least 8pm).
    I look forward to your visit

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