Getting your home office organized

If you have a home office, you know that it can be difficult to keep it organized sometimes. I’ve had a home office for several years, in four different homes with different office furniture and configurations, and I’m still perfecting it. Just last night I was talking to my business partner (also known as my husband) about the plan for our current home office. When we were in the market for a new home last year, one of the criteria was that it had to have a separate office space. Our last house had started out with a nice ground level room that was going to be solely an office space, but as our kids grew older, it gradually became a family room as well, which didn’t work well for keeping home and work separate, and hence we outgrew the house.

I’m also a little bit of a freak for organization and avoiding clutter, so I love finding new ways to keep my office space organized. I find Ikea storage boxes to be the best invention ever, because they come in different sizes for computer paper, file folders, CDs and DVDs, and random supplies.

Ikea desks are also great because they are cost-effective for the quality, and there are lots of options for configuration. (Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Ikea in any way, just a fan of the home office wares!) I long ago got rid of the L-shaped desk I had for years and went to a straight Ikea table-desk, but my next goal is to create two workstations for the home office in a W-shape, similar to this:

If you are interested in more home office organization tips, I recently stumbled on this great blog post from Couch Manager:

14 Tips for Designing a Highly Productive Home Office

Lots of great ideas here (and I was a little proud to note that I already have quite a few of these tips in practice already!) I can vouch for the fact that a shredder and waste basket within reach make things MUCH faster and easier than trucking your paper waste to another location, or if you’re a poor shot like me, trying to hit the basket with your trash. However, I would humbly add a paper-sized recycling blue bin for your office paper, which can be emptied on a weekly basis to your recycling pick up items (if offered in your area).

Any other tips? I’d love to hear them!

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